1. The Regulatory Board for the “Lacón Gallego” Protected Geographical Indication shall comprise:

a) One chairperson.

b) One deputy chairperson.

c) Two board members representing the production sector; owners of livestock farms included in the Board’s registry of suckling pig producing farms and in the registry of pig fattening farms.

d) Four board members representing the industrial sector, owners of industries included in the registry of Slaughterhouses and Meat Cutting Plants and in the registry of Meat Processing Industries. Of these board members, one will represent industries included in the Regulatory Board’s registry of slaughterhouses and meat cutting plants, and three will represent industries included in the registry of meat processing industries.

e) The pertinent Regional Agriculture and Farming ministry may designate up to two delegates, who may attend the Plenary Meetings with the right to speak but not vote.

2. The individuals elected in the plenary to the posts of Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson, with the favourable vote of a majority of elected board members, shall be appointed by the pertinent regional Minister for Agriculture and Farming.

3. The internal rules and regulations for the Plenary, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the members, are those outlined in Chapter IV of Decree 4/2007, of 18 January.

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CR Lacón Gallego